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Sophomore student at MIT studying Computer Science. Before MIT worked in SF Bay Area startups for three years, full-time. Contributed to top open-source projects and gave numerous talks at JavaScript professional conferences. Before that I went to international programming competitions and represented my home country.

Work Experience

Meteor Development Group San Francisco, CA - 2013-2016

Meteor Core Developer. Engineer #5 (employee #9). Worked on the main open-source product (Meteor framework) as well as the early stages of the commercial hosting software (Galaxy).

Most recently, during summer 2016, worked on developing open-source GraphQL tools, servers, monitoring and performance products for GraphQL-based infrastructure.

Worked on the data synchronization from databases (LiveQuery), contributed to the front-end framework Blaze. Led the development of integration with Apache Cordova, the project allowing Meteor developers to wrap their apps into Android and iOS shells in a single command. Shipped the Windows port. Worked on the project build tool performance, resulting into orders of magnitude improvements.

Participated in the product discussions. Submitted and worked on multiple technical design proposals. Worked with, supported and communicated to the development community around the framework. (Examples: 1, 2, 3).

Represented the company on events. Gave various technical talks on meetups and conferences. Details.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston, MA - 2015-2019

MIT logo I started MIT in 2015, after taking 3 years gap after high school and after working in startups.

Relevant course work includes: Algorithms Design and Analysis (6.046), Compilers (6.035), OS (6.828), Computation Structures (6.004).

Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum Karaganda, Kazakhstan - 2007-2012

In this boys-only boarding school on the edge of my hometown I picked up programming, started participating in programming competitions and have led two summers of coding camps for younger students.

Open Source Software

meteor/meteor 35 422

Being a Core Developer employed by Meteor Development Group, contributed more than 1300 patches (currently a top 3 contributor). Shipped major features. Maintained older projects. Reviewed submitted pull requests. Managed public issue tracker. Worked with the community.

Meteor is GitHub's top 20 most popular project of all time.

apollostack/apollo-client 925

Apollo Client

Apollo is a caching client for any GraphQL server and UI framework. This is a JS framework running in the browser that batches and caches requests to a GraphQL server, knows how to normalize the returned data, and maintain a consistent data snapshot with a partial knowledge gained from requests to the server. I worked on it as part of my internship. I built features like: mutations with "Optimistic UI" and cache consistency. Infinite scrolling features and wrote numerous blog-posts explaining how it works.

Read these blog-posts to learn more: Pagination and Infinite Scroll in Apollo, Mutations and Optimistic UI, GraphQL Concepts Visualized.

slava/tern-meteor 300

Tern for Meteor

A plugin for text-editors such as Vim, Emacs, Sublime Text and others. This plugin provides JavaScript code intellegence tools specific to the Meteor framework and its APIs.

Skills and Interests

Development Tools

I worked on web-development frameworks. Contributed to the design of dynamic templating language. Worked on a system analyzing MongoDB queries, allowing to reduce the load on the database looking for real-time data notifications. My side projects include: code assist tooling for text-editors, structured queries parsers, toy programming languages.

Code Analysis and Compilers

As part of the compilers class built a fully working compiler in Haskell that featured: syntax parsing and analysis, code movement optimizations, CSE/DCE/CP optimizations, register allocation and loop parallelization. The compiler was compiling code for Decaf, a toy language similar in semantics to C.

Developed a simple Lisp interpreter. Built a compiler for a toy object-oriented programming language (Decaf, part of the Stanford class) and code assist tooling for a JavaScript framework.


Proficient and have experience with the following technologies: C/C++, JavaScript, OCaml, Haskell, Java, Objective-C, PostgreSQL, React, GraphQL, MongoDB.

Interested in Systems Engineering and Security.

Competitive Programming

International Olympiad in Informatics 2011-2012

IOI logo

IOI is an annual algorithmic programming competition for high school students. More information at the Wikipedia page. Full statistics is available on the official IOI site:

  • Silver Medal in 2012 - Sirmione, Italy
  • Bronze Medal in 2011 - Pattaya, Thailand

TopCoder, CodeForces, Online Judges 2010-2012

TopCoder logo

TopCoder and CodeForces are world's most competitive algorithmic platforms. I have been active in years of my high school getting high ranks in the first division, consistently for several years.

Recorded Talks

Meteor Devshop Talks

JSConf 2014

"Reactive Programming Made Simple". A talk on JSConf 2014 in Singapore about a subproject of Meteor called Tracker. A video recording is available on YouTube.